CERC Integrity Builders

Reaching and Engaging Marginalised Youth

To engage a diversity of youth in CERC Integrity Clubs and provide opportunities to marginalised populations of young people.

Integrity Clubs offer an intensive integrity building training for students aged 14 to 19 years old on the concepts of gender equality and social inclusion, civic empowerment, democracy, public monitoring, transparency and accountability and inspires trained students to stand up to advocate for integrity and inclusion in education sector and in community as whole. Part of the strategy of engaging youth is that there is a selection process, which helps communicate that participation is selective and is a great opportunity for young people. CERC actively sought the participation of students of marginalised minority groups that faced a variety of barriers and challenges due to their identity and systemic oppression in that context.

By providing a diverse base of youth the opportunity to engage with other youth and gain tangible skills, youth were incentivized to participate and had something to gain from the experience. The diversity of the group, strengthened participation, and improved the benefits of participating for all students involved. In addition, by creating a selective process for participation, engagement was framed as a privilege and opportunity and there was space to hand select a diverse and representative group that could benefit from engagement.

The students from the minority groups that engaged took on additional leadership roles within the group, were empowered by their participation and were able to access additional opportunities through the club. The participation had multiplier effects for those students, who, in many cases, were experiencing less exclusion due to their participation. Moreover, the participation of diverse youth, strengthened the group.

Does your organisation have a civil society youth engagement practice that you would like to showcase here? Please let us know in the form below – any language is welcome! If you have any questions, please let us know at agna@civicus.org

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