The Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA) network brings together national associations and regional platforms from around the world to foster greater cooperation across national and regional boundaries, including innovating new ways for civil society organisations to collaborate.

By strengthening the power of people to organise, mobilise and take action, AGNA builds meaningful opportunities for networks to come together to participate in and influence global governance institutions and processes.

AGNA is represented in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Middle East and North Africa.

To learn more about AGNA’s objectives and activities, please visit the AGNA website.

CIVICUS Youth Working Group is a committed, dynamic, members-led (30 years old or younger) community within CIVICUS alliance. It comprises roughly 1500 organisational and individual CIVICUS members, representing over 20% of all individual members and nearly 450 organisations interested in children and youth issues in 128 countries. The CIVICUS Youth Working Group connects young activists and spurs youth capacity, innovation and inclusion in key strategic inter-generational discussions and actions. Learn more at

Youth Participation Parkour is a one year project built in partnership with 10 youth organisations across the world, led by the Centre of Intercultural Dialogue (CID) – a youth led organisation based in Macedonia. The Youth Participation Parkour focuses on the steps in the youth participation process in civil society, focused on developing, designing, testing, implementing, evaluating specific mechanisms that could be applied by civil society organizations globally. Because the practices of supporting youth participation vary from country to country, it was important to bring the different partners under one umbrella (one “Parkour”), so that strategies can be shared, lessons can be learned and resources can be gathered.

This platform has been produced with the the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and The CS Mott Foundation. The contents of this website are the responsibility of the CIVICUS Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA) and all the partners within the Youth Participation Parkour, and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union or The CS Mott Foundation.