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By Kumi Naidoo
For the last ten years we have been told an ‘Africa rising’ story in which continued economic growth is offered as the only measure of progress that seems to matter. It is a woefully inadequate way to understand the health of our societies at a time when we still face a number of stubborn development challenges that governments and business alone cannot solve. What we have witnessed is largely jobless growth and growth without equity. 
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The Externado university’s radio interviewed Ali Zeddini, Vice-president of the Tunisian Human Rights League to reflect on the ‘Jasmine Revolution’,...
Collusion, according to the dictionary, means “secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.”...
About 900 civil society leaders and activists from 109 states gather in Colombia's Bogota to discuss active citizenry.Read more...
How do we transform the waves of protests—which have occupied streets and squares worldwide over the past few years—into movements...
By Kumi NaidooFor the last ten years we have been told an ‘Africa rising’ story in which continued economic growth...
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