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ICSW 2016 features a new and exciting initiative to broaden the week's reach and constructively engage and partner with CSOs in under-represented regions. Through ICSW\local CIVICUS, CCONG, and AGNA are supporting a series of local events for partners to host thematic discussions in their own countries as part of the ICSW 2016 programme.

Representatives from these local events are traveling to Bogotá to bring these diverse civil society perspectives into the conversation in Colombia. ICSW/local events are being hosted in Cameroon, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Moçambique, and Mauritania.


ICSWLocal_Mauritania   L'atelier a consisté à rassembler les élus et les organisations de la société civile du département de Boghé à réfléchir ensemble sur le thème de la citoyenneté et la démarche d'appui pour accompagner les citoyens à participer à la vie publique.





ICSW\Local Cameroon  

In Cameroon, ICSW/local tackled the problematic issue of corruption. Participating organisations resolved to build a “Civil Society Partnership against Corruption" including producing an annual report on the work of civil society in the fight against corruption in Cameroon. Ahead of ICSW, “It is in this niche fight against corruption we chose to conduct our actions.”

 ICSW\Local Jordan  

“Citizens need to be more aware of the Jordanian budget" - As part of ICSW/local, AGNA member Partners Jordan (in cooperation with the General Budget Department) hosted a multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss the Citizen Budget.

 ICSW\Local India  

Ahead of #‎ICSW2016‬, ICSW/Local in India asked the question - how will our government create a road map for accomplishing ‪#‎SDGs‬? Hosted by AGNA member VANI, the event took place under the banner of "Strengthening the role of CSOs in Implementing the SDGs".

 ICSW\Local Indonesia  

Ahead of ICSW in Bogota, ICSW/local tackled challenges of implementing SDGs in Indonesia, focusing on the relationship between labour market institutions and laws, inclusive economic growth, full employment and decent work.

 ICSW\Local Pakistan  

AGNA Member AWAZ Pakistan hosted ICSW/Local event under the theme: "Strengthening Civic Engagement for the Implementation of the SDGs in Pakistan".

 ICSW\Local Ukraine  

ICSW/ local was hosted in Ukraine under the theme, “Rescue the country - Stop Propaganda,” with partner ACF To You (2U).

Click here (link to https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=30&v=ZtRtaIgGZyI) to watch the video on the website of the Ukrainian Information Centre.



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