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International Civil Society Week 2016 will provide an open space for CIVICUS, CCONG and partner organisations to deliver a series of conferences, workshops, training sessions, volunteer initiatives and cultural experiences related to the overarching theme “Active Citizens, Accountable Actions”. CIVICUS and CCONG will use their national, regional and international outreach to bring a number of local and international partners together to co-convene a diversity of civil society actors from around the world.

The Week will commence with the opening ceremony, followed by a 3 day programme of about 30 partner-led events. The Week will conclude with the CIVICUS World Assembly, a flagship event celebrating inspiring examples in citizen action from around the globe. Throughout the Week the Citizen’s Café will be open to all delegates and participants - a space for networking, exhibitions and information booths. 

In addition to plenary sessions, workshops and meetings, innovative experiential activities will take place in the run-up and throughout the Week. These will include site visits to local projects, volunteer opportunities, documentary screenings, arts exhibitions and tours to places of historical significance. The experiential component of the programme will allow participants to reflect on Colombia’s past and present struggles and how these relate to their own struggles to realise greater social justice and more peaceful societies at home.

Learn more about the ICSW 2016 programme here and register here.

Click here to learn more about the history of International Civil Society Week and here to consult and download the ICSW 2016 concept note.

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